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news. good morning everybody, i am brian flores, pam cook has the day off. >> hello, steve. >> we have a little cloud cover, the breeze has picked up, not as cold as yesterday morning, there are some partly cloudies over us and it may be a little warmer but there is a breeze as well, here is tara. >> happy new year's steve. right now we will take a look outside the oakland coliseum. traffic is moving well in both directions and along the east shore freeway, you can see emergency lights on the right- hand side of your screen but everything seems to be moving along. let's move back to the desk. two shootings marched, gunfire injured a child and man around 11:30. police say a 12-year-old was shot in his foot.
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a man was grazed by a bullet and officers do not have a description of a shooter and they are hoping witnesses will come forward. meanwhile in old sacramento, two people were killed and one person hurt. it started with a fight in a restaurant and spilled outside. shots were fired and afterwards the midnight fireworks show was canceled and police cleared the area. kevin johnson spoke to police and there is no indication that any suspects were on the loose. we will hear from people who witnessed the shooting and what happened just moments before shots rang out. following ahead on collision -- a head-on collision, two people were killed on highway 12 east of rio vista. they have no details about what caused the crash and we don't
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know if alcohol was involved. dui checkpoints were set up and chp officers worked a long the highway. they compared with new numbers and they should be released sometime today with new numbers. it was a holiday celebration marched by violence. a 12-year-old boy was among the shooting, alex savage has more. >> reporter: a 12-year-old was struck in the foot by gunfire. it happened just before the fireworks show was about to begin last night just about 11:30 and there were large crowds along the waterfront. another bullet grazed a man and both victims are being treated for non-life threatening injuries and at this point it is unclear what prompted the
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gunfire in this case. just about an hour before that, one person was hit in the hand with a bullet and another one in fisherman's wharf. in that case the victim will be okay. officers moved in and searched that area. looking for witnesses, they found no gunman and police have not announced any arrests in connection with those shootings but as we did come back here, many people were tang into custody and folks taking part in those festivities and eight of those people were booked for public intoxication. alex savage, ktvu channel 2 morning news. an active search is underway for a missing hiker. sheriff's deputies say he parked his car at the top of the hill and apparently became
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lost after going off trail. people have not been able to reach him by cell phone. avoiding the fiscal cliff, the measure now goes to the house of representatives. >> at the stroke of midnight many americans were ringing in the new year but the mood in washington was much more serious. vice-president joseph biden went to capitol hill after senate leaders struck a deal with the white house. the senate went back into session and around 2:00 a.m. they had a bill. >> as amended, it was passed. >> reporter: they put off spending cuts for two months and keeps off bush tax cuts for people earning less than $450,000. senator harry reid said their goal was to protect america's middle-class.
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>> middle-class families will wake up today to the assurance their taxes will not go up 2,200 dollars each. they will have the certainty of how they will pay for groceries and car payments all during next year. >> mitch mcconnel agreed to the measure rather than let the middle-class suffer. >> we don't think they should be going up on everyone but we all knew if we didn't come to an agreement it would go up on everyone and we were not going to let that happen. >> the bill will also extend joplin less benefits and everything matters with the house of representatives when it reconvene this morning. the president said while neither democrats nor republicans got everything they wanted, this agreement is the right thing for our country and
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the house should pass it without delay. they also have the so called dairy cliff and it provides milk prices up to $8 per gallon. and san francisco's minimum wage is also going up. people who live in the city will make the highest minimum wage in the nation moving them to $10.29. california is currently $8 per hour. and the voter approved proposition translates to $8 per difference like a new ticket. >> item as a new car will -- a
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new ticket item as you new car will hold value. the new ordinance affects grocery stores and others that sell food and alcohol, and 51 cities have imposed limits on plastic bags. we will have more on that coming up later today. electric bills are going up 2% and gas rates are going down 6%. lower gas bills will not last and later pg&e will raise prices for upgrades. the alert means it is illegal to burn anything in a wood stove or any other wood burning tee advice.
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tara is filling in for sal, i understand there is a few accidents out there this morning? >> yes, already. we have a vehicle which slammed into two parked cars and in fairfield a car has gone down the end beigement and this -- embankment and we'll see if they are alcohol-related crashes. in the east shore freeway you can see traffic is moving well and at the bay bridge toll plaza, nice drive and finally down in the south bay near 280, they are also looking good. >> a little system is producing some clouds and also ushering in cold air tonight. it is not as bad as yesterday at this time. forget that livermore airport, go check your thermometer and
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you have been way out of whack. the out lier. some of these temperatures are way out of whack. 27 redding and the system we had yesterday which went down the coast is now visiting southern california is hard to see. partly sunny skies, but a cool breezy day, high pressure builds into the north and goes to the noon hour. low 50s, similar to yesterday, see i was not hear yesterday but i have to fix that. cold tomorrow morning though. >> thank you steve. organizers are making last minute tweaks to the annual rose parade. dozens of floats will appear and some of them are inspired
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by dr. susan we spoke with a man who will be driving more of those floats. >> picture a man on the ground and wandering around. >> some people camped out overnight. >> they are expecting a million visitors in pass teen -- pasadena. wisconsin is the first team to make the rose bowl. here is complete coverage of the game known as the grand daddy of them all. people in pass dean teen will -- pasadena will be glued as in the marina district rio napa
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and the old western saloon and napa system. the new details that doctors are releasing about her condition and it was a celebration, what happened for same section couples in the state. we will take a look at highway 4 coming up, traffic is moving well, stay tuned for more news weather and traffic.
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. partly cloudy skies cool and breezy, low 50s. well san francisco rang in the new year and they lit up the sky at the embarcadero, this year's show lasted 15
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minutes. [applauds] [applauds] >> meanwhile, nearly 1 million people gathered in times square to ring in the new year. the ball dropped close enough to people and this year there were no public toilets and security was extremely tight. couples began getting married shortly after midnight. same sex couples have been able to get marriage licenses but they didn't take affect until this morning. the district of columbia have approved same sex marriages. secretary of state hillary rodham clinton suffered a blood clot in her head. it is locate in the space between the brain and the skull behind her right ear. doctors are treating her with blood thinners to help dissolve
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the blood clot and she is in excellent spirits. they found the white house did not make major changes after the deadly attacks in benghazi libya. some question whether the present staff rewrote it for political reasons. a gunman has ambushed a van of teachers in the western part of the country. six teachers and a man was killed and so far nobody has claimed responsibility for the attack. a young woman died in india. the attack has sparked outrage calling for more protection for women. local leaders will hold a vigil as well at the hundred due temple and -- hundred due temple in recognition of all the victims of rape.
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oscar grant, on january 1st, a young father was shotot and killed by a bart police officer on the platform in oakland. oscar grand's family and friends will return to pay tribute to his life through poetry and a balloon release. there were a couple of accidents and let's go to tara with a look at traffic, how is it looking out there? >> you know there was a couple of accidents and we are not sure if it was alcohol-related but most likely that is the case. we have a new crash at the westbound 80 connector and we will keep you posted on that, this is a look, traffic is moving along nicely at the pittsburgh direction and westbound as you make the drive towards the tunnel and on through orinda, and finally at
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the sunole grade in fremont, it is a little dark and now let's head to steve. a little spin in the atmosphere, giving us partly cloudy skies and freeze and frost warnings are out for tomorrow morning. due to the cloud cover, there is more of a breeze and 18 in reno, 35 sacramento, 18 in ukiah, most locations are running a little bit warmer. it don't have a lot of moisture but there could be pop-up showers to the south. this system looks like it will fall apart and there goes our system from yesterday and it is down to southern california and we have a look at that spin causing it longer. there could be a few cloud
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showers and tomorrow morning will be very cold sunny breezy partly sunny skies and friday and saturday and sunday, the next system will leave us high and dry. according to aaa, the price for unled regular is 21 cents higher than in 2011 but the average here in currently in california is $3.25 per gallon. and they are featuring tower like rock form makes located east of sol dad. it will pass the senate and is now awaiting the president's signature and the senate will rename the bill. they are headed back on the
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road. it comes after the band canceled the rest of its 2012 tour and posted several 2013 dates after his substance abuse dates showed, he said the show must go on and the show is scheduled for march 28th. just how much is being offered to help solve the latest homicide and the oakland raiders are making some major changes, but first here is a quick look. banks and the post office will also be closed, stay with us.
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. investigators in san jose are now looking into surveillance video to try and solve the latest homicide of the year. a man was killed on lewis road off monterey highway. witnesses told police the victim got into an a argument with two men before he was shot. police detained several people. they are offering a reward leading to a conviction in the
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nate tall -- fatal shooting of a teenage girl. they were walking to the bart station sunday afternoon when they were shot in broad daylight. jordan was killed, the 14-year- old was shot in the foot and is expected to recover. they are asking for the help to identify the shooter who may be as young as 13. >> it is disheartening to myself and to the city. >> this is the highest homicide since 14 eight people were killed in oakland. two people were arrested in last week's deadly invasion and are scheduled to face a judge. they arrested them on suspicious of -- circumstances -- suspicions of homicide. police say his wife was also
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beaten. they are meeting about the closure of the shell station in martinez. people who live in the area will be able to express their concerns and how it will affect services in the area. they voted to close after they rejected measure q after raising several millions of dollar for fire stations. the meeting is scheduled next thursday night at martinez high school. let's go to tara with traffic, hey, tara. remember we have free muni and many folks are still trickling home and good news when people shoes not to drive if they have been taking mass transit. if we zoom in on the venetia area, 780 westbound ramp to the
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780 connector, we had an issue here with somebody going off the roadway into a bush, it looks like an injury accident and we will keep you posted. up next, we see traffic is moving onto the right-hand side of your screen where we have no delays and highway 237 near milpitas, traffic is looking great in both directions, here is steve. >> thank you tara. we just had a nice tweet from rochelle. we have a system giving us mostly cloudy skies and it is packing some cold air and that will be in tonight and again, disregard that, it is wrong in livermore. concord 37, 7 up in tahoe,
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ukiah 29 degrees and much colder air is coming in tonight and tomorrow, they issued a freeze and frost warning and it tells you this system does not have a lot of moisture but will take place. all right, it avoids going quickly and i think if anything showers could be light or brief. partly sunny skies to the inland areas, little warmer around the bay. more could survive, parse part -- partly sunny skies, and the next system leaves us with mostly sunny skies, brian. they are welcoming the first babies and welcomed them at the stroke of midnight. one was born at berkeley and
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the other was born in antioch. welcome to the world. part of the hockey season could be saved, more than 50% of the original schedule has been canceled because of a lock out but yesterday they gave a counteroffer to the league. a deal would have been reached by january is 1st in -- january 11th in order to save an 88 game season. assistant coaches were fired, offensive coordinator george nap included linebackers coach johnny colin, this comes after only four wins. seven head coaches have been fired in the nfl and it is called black monday with the most notable coach being fired, andy reid.
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2013 has arrived and thousands go on the books starting today. also in san francisco, a 12- year-old boy is among 3 shooting victims. we will have more information on accidents coming up. stay tuned.
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